Hey! I’m Crystal Flournoy, MS, the founder and Director of Marketing here at the Annick Agency (pronounced uh-nique). I decided to launch this agency in 2020 because I believed there could be a less stress-inducing way of creating and growing your business’ digital footprint on the web by having a strong web presence and the strategic use of social media. The Annick Agency’s foundation stands firm, built on 10 years of my knowledge, experience, and expertise from working many roles as a Digital Marketing Strategist and Manager for other companies including the media giant, iHeartMedia, Inc. 

Your online presence is the most important part of your company’s digital marketing efforts and you can’t afford to lose ground to your competitors once it’s online. At the Annick Agency, our services are designed to focus on growing your brand at every stage and it’s our mission to provide innovative, effective, and results-oriented solutions to achieve our client’s goals.

We’re here to help elevate your brand to new heights.

Are you ready to make the first step?